Dominique Dare, CFA, CIPM Head of Finance

Dominique Dare, CFA, CIPM Head of Finance

I work in the finance team, where I collaborate with other financial players in the industry. I help create indexes and ETFs based on our calculations with the XDC Model. Some portfolio managers want to see if their portfolio contributes to a “below 2°C” world. Others allow us to examine their investment universe, where they will choose securities based off our results. Another high point for me is working with students in right. open to help further develop the use of the XDC Model for business applications.

Working with right° has given me a larger sense of purpose than my previous jobs. I don’t recall a moment where I had a particular wake-up call when it comes to climate change. For me it was the slow realization that we are leaving the planet in worse shape for future generations. While I don’t think that we’re going to solve climate change, with the work we do at right°, there’s hope that we can avoid some of the negative consequences and be part of the solution to the climate problem.

Even if it’s only a small contribution, I feel like I’m doing something that will have a tangible benefit to society and the world.

It is vital to leave the world in a better shape than we entered it.

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