XDC – a powerful instrument

The X-Degree Compatibility (XDC) Model calculates the climate impact of a company, building or portfolio and expresses it in a simple °C figure.

It answers the question: How much global warming would occur if the entire world had the same climate performance as the entity in question?

The XDC Model empowers you to make the right decisions and to take the right actions to be successful in a 1.5°C economy.

No more guesswork. Calculate, measure, manage, and communicate your critical contributions to global warming. This pioneering, science-based ‘temperature alignment’ or ‘implied temperature rise’ (ITR) metric offers unprecedented transparency on climate risk and opportunities to companies, banks, investors, and the public, because the climate impact can be directly compared to the 1.5°C goal of the Paris Agreement.

XDC makes companies and assets comparable. Our model is forward-looking until 2100, allowing you to evaluate activities and investments, before the money is spent.


Measure. Manage. Merge.

The XDC Model is the ‘engine’ powering our specialised software tools for business, finance, and real estate.

Gain more clarity with every step. Use XDC to fit your specific requirements and processes.

  • Calculate, analyse, and steer your climate impact.
  • Set science-based emission reduction targets.
  • Take your sustainability reporting to the next level.
  • Conduct forward-looking scenario analysis.
  • Guide climate-conscious investment and business decisions.
  • Bring your stakeholders on board.


Pioneering and robust.

The XDC Model, which was developed by right°, is an economic climate impact model and the only methodology of its kind to integrate a climate model (also used by the IPCC).

It is science-based, transparent, and uses the best data available. The fundamental methodology is peer-reviewed and was published under an open license (open source) in 2021. It has been free to use in academic research since 2019 through the project right. open.