right° launches climate alignment data for investors

Investors can access innovative science-based climate metrics in °C together with further financial, economic and alternative datasets from Nasdaq Data Link.


Frankfurt am Main, July 20, 2023 – Investors and financial professionals can now access a snapshot of their portfolio’s climate impact with results at single security and portfolio level provided as tangible degree Celsius (Centigrade) values, thereby allowing a direct comparison to the 1.5 °C goal of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement (Paris Alignment). The unique alignment metrics provided by right° are available through Nasdaq Data Link, a premier content provider of financial, economic and alternative data.


“We are focused on taking a science-based approach to provide climate alignment data to support the redirection of capital toward a sustainable transition,” said Hannah Helmke, CEO and co-founder of right°. “We’re excited to help clients better assess the decoupling of carbon emissions within their portfolio through data available via Nasdaq Data Link.”


right° is a Frankfurt-based climate tech company founded in 2016 and is a pioneer of temperature alignment or Implied Temperature Rise (ITR) metrics. right° developed the XDC Model (X-Degree Compatibility), a science-based economic climate impact model that calculates the contribution of a company, building or financial portfolio to climate change. It answers the question: How much global warming could we expect if the entire world exhibited the same climate performance as the entity under consideration? Decision-makers from the business, finance, and real estate use XDC to measure, manage and communicate the climate impact of their activities.


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More information at https://data.nasdaq.com/databases/RGT/overview


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