Manaos and right° join forces to deliver °C metrics to investors

Frankfurt/Paris, February 21, 2023 – Customers of Manaos, BNP Paribas’ next-generation investment services platform, can now access the unique climate impact metrics by Frankfurt-based climate tech right° to gain a clear understanding of their portfolio’s alignment to the goals of the Paris Agreement: plain and simple in °C.

The XDC Portfolio Report by right° is now available as an app on the Manaos platform, so that registered users can seamlessly add this pioneering climate metric to their ESG data and analysis. The report provides science-based and forward-looking climate impact metrics both for the portfolio as a whole and for each security.

“Building a strong assortment of both niche and well-known ESG partners to cover major use cases is key to our ambition of becoming the #1 reference platform for all ESG investment-related services. We are thrilled to now have the innovative yet clear-cut XDC Model by right° on Manaos, directed towards the transition to 1.5 °C. It is a staple offering we have long been wanting to provide to our clients”, says Franck Delbes – CEO of Manaos.

For right° forging strong partnerships with other actors in the larger ESG ecosystem is a strategic priority:

“Gathering, understanding, and managing ESG data is difficult enough as it is. By partnering with such a competent and innovative partner as Manaos, we are making it straightforward for portfolio managers to integrate sound, science-based climate metrics into their investment processes, to steer capital towards the transition to 1.5 °C, and to easily share their progress with their own customers and stakeholders”, says Dr. Sebastian Müller, LL.M. – co-founder of right°.

The XDC Portfolio Report draws on the unique XDC (X-Degree Compatibility) Model developed by right°. This pioneering, science-based ‘temperature alignment’ or ‘implied temperature rise’ (ITR) metric corresponds directly to the 1.5 °C goal of the Paris Agreement, thereby offering unprecedented transparency to companies, banks, investors, and the public on climate risks and opportunities. It is the only methodology of its kind to integrate a climate model (also used by the IPCC). It is science-based, transparent, and has been free to use in academic research since 2019 through the project right. open. The fundamental methodology has been peer-reviewed and was published under an open license (open source) in 2021.

Access the right° app on Manaos at:


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