Our Green Pledge | right. joins Leaders for Climate Action

At right. based on science, enabling companies to align their climate strategies and investment decisions with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement is both our business and our passion. In this context, we are more than happy to be part of the LFCA community and see our Green Pledge verified! Due to the nature and content of our work (mostly digital & remote), our business model is already based on a minimal carbon footprint. Still, especially after a time of exponential growth with hiring +20 new employees in 2020, a deep dive into our own structures helped us to get a better overview of our “Office Scope” footprint and to identify areas for improvement.

As it turns out, right. as a company had 22t CO2 of residual emissions which we needed to address. It was our aim to not only buy carbon credits or certificates ( > compensation), but to really make sure that the quantity of emissions we are responsible for is effectively removed from the atmosphere (> neutralization). Considering that technologies such as Carbon Removal & Storage are still early-stage, our search for an appropriate method to meet our requirements has led us to renaturation measures. Forests and especially wetlands are powerful carbon sinks. The benefits reach beyond their positive effects on the climate: they support biodiversity by providing a habitat to many rare or endangered species of flora and fauna.

In order to meet as many neutralization criteria as possible, we made sure that the project we support includes strict monitoring of the measures, as well as contractual agreements concerning land use in order to guarantee the areas’ protection for as long as possible.

Finding a sufficiently ambitious and transparent program is much more than a “tick-the-box” exercise, it marks the starting point of moving forward with our climate ambition: For 2021, we plan to address our upstream supply chain and launch a “Green Purchasing Plan”. For any CO2 emissions that might evade our future Scope 3 reduction efforts, we will continue to strive for the most effective, transparent and long-term removal method.

About LFCA

Leaders for Climate Action is an association of more than 300 leading digital entrepreneurs in Germany and increasingly also in Europe. All supporters of the initiative have committed themselves to the “Green Pledge” and are thus actively involved in climate protection, both personally and as entrepreneurs. In addition to the goal of making large parts of the digital industry climate-neutral, the initiative demands the immediate introduction of an effective CO2 price and the expansion towards a 100% renewable energy supply.

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