Decarbonising Real Estate: Cross-sectoral partnership

Frankfurt / Bochum, February 17, 2021right. based on science today announces a project partnership with Vonovia SE, GLS Bank and d-fine to develop a software that will help stakeholders across the entire real estate sector steer buildings, quarters, and portfolios onto a Paris-aligned path.

The building sector is both a major contributor to global emissions (38% in 2019) and among the industries most exposed to climate risks. A paradox that requires smart solutions and strong, cross-sectoral alliances.

One cornerstone of the project is the Stakeholder Council: Joining actors from across the spectrum of real estate investment, management & development to provide insights into use cases & requirements. Hannoversche Kassen, one of Germany’s leading energy providers, state-owned and major private pension funds as well as Architects For Future are already on board.

Press Release (GER): Decarbonising Real Estate.

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